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Siemens Campus is located in a former industrial zone in Kartal, where extensive urban regeneration activities are currently taking place. As part of this urban regeneration process, a master plan was created for a future office campus, while old production facilities were moving outside İstanbul.
Building #17, facing the green courtyard at the heart of the campus, was the first phase of the execution, and it is considered together with a promenade which is proposed as the new circulation route within the site, connecting the existing buildings. With the newly introduced façade opening towards the existing courtyard, the building has also access from the back on the upper level, directly welcoming visitors from outside, with a new parking area described after the demolitions.
The existing building is converted to the offices, communication center, and digital experience center on the upper level together with co-working offices as phase 1, and cafeteria on the ground floor as phase 2.
At the heart of the building, sitting on the axis of both entrances from outside, and inside the campus, the ‘communication center’ was designed, where Siemens shares new technologies and innovation with public visitors, and employees. A big inspiring nest was designed to represent the idea of innovation and new production methods, and it is shaped regarding the flow, both entries, privacy of different functions surrounding, and it also proposes a new scale within the existing structure.
The industrial feeling of the building was preserved, and balanced with improved interior finishes. Raw materials, exposed MDF structures, stainless steel mechanical and electrical elements are used to enrich the old industrial feeling, and graphics are used as the reminders of the previous function.
Together with a major physical change, project represents the example of innovative adaptation of technology in workspace, and most importantly introduces a new ‘mind set’ for the future of work.



3 000 m²




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