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Built Area:



In the project, the sections entered from the building core to the office are arranged as common areas. In this way, a general to specific plan scheme has been created. The study areas are located on the two wings of the floor. The cafeteria, single working modules and flexible working areas built in common areas offer employees the opportunity to socialize, relax and alternative working spaces.
The spaces have been treated in such a way that they can be used for multiple purposes. The waiting area, separated from the reception by a curtain, and the flexible working area can be turned into a meeting room by closing the curtain if necessary. This area can also be used as a social area where all employees can gather. The reception counter is also designed for this purpose as a bar module that can be pulled out when desired. It can host different activities with the screens serving the area.
The wall around the core has also been enriched with graphics by turning it into a multi-purpose surface with sliding writable boards. These sliding boards allow departments in different desk groups to use them at different times. Thanks to this movement, variability has been created within the office.
The door separating the game room from the cafeteria area was integrated with the furniture element and provided a secret and fun entrance to the game room.
NESINE.COM while the office is designed in accordance with the young employee profile of the company, it also attracts attention with a lean and youthful design language in which functionality is brought to the fore.



1 600 m²




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