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The Gallipoli Peninsula, which has been the scene of one of the greatest wars in history, has a monumentality that cannot be compared to any other historical region, with martyrs scattered throughout the entire area, giving every visitor similar feelings.

The value that the parties participating in this war attach to their martyrdom is also one of the main features of the peninsula. Therefore, the newly identified martyrs, just like other symbolic martyrs, will carry the traces of this great war into the future.

It may be possible to understand the Dardanelles War only by understanding the geography of Gallipoli. Revealing the different characteristics of the field, catching a trace of there, revealing a new understanding within the integrity of the field, without touching its essence, also announces the need for a method that will glorify the phenomenon of remembrance specific to here.

We raise the sacrifice of many heroes lying under the soil to the top of the soil by combining it with everyday life, that is, by simplifying it. Our goal is to engrave a natural experience that will always be remembered in everyone's mind and heart, rather than creating a structure that will be remembered just because it was visited.

This new method, which will intertwine the new martyrdom areas with different topographical features integrated with agricultural lands, stuck in forests and olive groves, with the existing life in the region, aims to make the martyrdom visit ritual even more memorable by creating an opportunity for experience in the context of relations with the environment





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